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Naked Art - Unlimited

Producer: AWWC - Peter Dietrich
Running Time: 60 minutes
TV System: PAL, region free (more information)
Price: 49.00 EUR

Art and nudity have always been closely related, so it would seem perfectly logical for naturists to take up art in its various forms and turn it into a none-too-serious pastime. Here we let our friends indulge their artistic inspirations quite freely, as they create naturist-family works of art, and then try some painting using only their feet as brushes. Quite inspiring really. We celebrate the 11th birthdays of Dasha and Sahatsawat, with Dasha becoming a butterfly Princess and a watermelon becoming a stand-in cake! Some crab hunting in the rocks, then our grand finale: continuing our PLANETS project, Mars, the God of War, brings war and destruction to the planet Earth, before Venus, Goddess of love, intervenes and helps bring peace to the people. A dramatic end to a wonderful work that really shows us a lot of Naked Art – unlimited.

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